Do You Ever Go to the Wonderful Counselor?

“Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace,” sings the hymn.  There are many names of God in the Bible, such as Immanuel (God with Us) and  Jehovah (The Relational God). Being a counselor myself, God’s name of “Wonderful Counselor” has always stood out to me.


He is, quite literally, the wonderful counselor.  If you have ever gone to therapy, I hope you’ve had a great experience.  I hope it was helpful and life-affirming.  But your best therapist has absolutely nothing on God.  We will so often go to others for guidance and life-changing advice, but we often forget to go to the best counselor of all.  And the best part is that the best counselor is completely free and available at all hours of the day and night.


Let me tell you about this counselor I’m referring you to.  You don’t have to explain anything to Him, because He already knows.  You don’t need to catch Him up on your past, your week, or how your family treats you.  God doesn’t work in diagnoses, He works in matters of the heart.  God doesn’t need to create a treatment plan for you, He’s had the purpose and plan for your life since before the day you were born.  He doesn’t need to research the most effective interventions, which change with each passing decade. He knows exactly what you need when you need it.  He views you with mercy and grace, and all He asks in place of your wrongs is your repentance and faith.


Do not put your hope in your therapist or a self-help book.  Put your hope in your God.  I have seen Him effortlessly work miracles in the lives of my clients and there’s only one determining factor: Does my client actually go to Him?  Do they actually seek Him?  Do they even ask for His help?  When God is working so powerfully in the lives of some of my clients, I have sessions where all I do is listen.  There are no interventions or research-based treatments.  My job is to guide them along the path that God already has for them. He has taken over their therapy and is doing all the interventions Himself.  That’s the counselor you want.


I’m all for therapy.  It is something I strongly believe in.  But you have full, unlimited access to the best counselor in the universe.  Use Him.  Be vulnerable, open up, and tell Him your feelings.  I promise that you’ll be safe.  Pour your heart and desires out to Him.  He already knows.  Tell Him your anxieties, disappointments, and fears.  He will cry with you.  Tell Him your goals and dreams.  He will pave a way for you or give you something better. Allow Him to be your Wonderful Counselor.


Author Natalie Varrone is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with the Supervisor designation (LPCC-S) who sees clients at North Coast Family Foundation full-time and is a clinical supervisor full-time. Her primary areas of focus include depression, anxiety, grief, trauma/PTSD, substance use, life adjustments, and interpersonal difficulties. She uses a strength-based, person-centered, cognitive-behavioral approach in therapy and believes that God is the Wonderful Counselor and is the one who does true healing.

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