Pursing Transformation

Michael Misja, PhD

Depression and Purpose

Introducing Dr. Michael Misja’s Pursuing Transformation
What is depression and what causes a person to stay in a depressive state?
Dr. Misja answers all these questions while also giving advice on defining your life’s purpose throughout the different stages of your life and how this can help you move away from your preoccupation with your depression to help you reengage in life.


Working Between Counseling Sessions

Dr. Michael Misja explores how you can get the most out of your counseling sessions.


Transformative Change

A closer look at our upcoming series on “Transformational Change”, going beyond the surface to make meaningful change using these four key shifts:
Deception to Honesty – Shame and Blame to personal Responsibility – Fear to Courage – Pride to Humility


Transformative Change 2 – Shift 1 – From Deception to Honesty

Dr. Michael Misja walks us through the how and why we deceive, and shows us the first step on the journey towards the freedom that is granted to those courageous enough to accept truth.


Transformative Change 2 – Shift 2, part 1- “Trapped in the Shame Pitt”

Dr. Misja, begins a mini-series inside our Transformative Change series, to go deeper into shift 2, (from shame and blame, to personal responsibility.)