Charles F. Misja, Ph.D.

    Organizational Consulting and Coaching

    As a young boy I was always interested in what made people “tick”. I wondered why some people were eager to face life’s challenges and others seemed to give up. I studied people and devoured many biographies and autobiographies of individuals from various fields and backgrounds. After the first week in psychology 101 during my freshman year of college I was hooked: I was going to be a psychologist!
    As I got older I started asking questions such as what might be the purpose of life, is there a God and if so, what does he want from me? If there is a God, what about suffering and problems that plague humankind, especially in the psychological arena? I have found these are the very questions many of my clients wrestle with.
    Then, during my doctoral studies, I also became intrigued with how people function in organizational settings, so I studied that as well. Helping businesses and ministries reshape themselves so they can operate with maximum productivity and harmony is one of my passions.
    Today I’m in the practice of psychology with my brother, Mike (I know, he looks like my father but he’s really my brother!). I am energized by working with individuals and couples who also ask questions about how to cope, how to love better and minister better to those in their lives. I am involved with missions, especially in Brazil.
    I love spending time with my family including my grandchildren. I haven’t encountered a downhill skiing mountain that I haven’t liked, a marathon course that hasn’t challenged me (60 and still counting), and any dark chocolate that I haven’t made promptly disappear!
    Charles F. Misja, Ph.D. received his Master of Arts degree from Kent State University in 1976 and his Ph.D. in 1980. He is licensed by the Ohio Board of Psychology. He is on staff at Southwest General Hospital and and Parma Community General Hospital. In addition to over twenty-five years with North Coast Family Foundation, Dr. Misja has been Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Ashland Theological Seminary, Clinical Supervisor at the Diagnostic and Evaluation Clinic in Austintown, OH, and Director of the Central Assessment Team at Western Reserve Psychiatric Habilitation Center in Northfield, OH.