An Interview with Mark Yoder – Christian Counselor

I see Christian counseling as a unique opportunity to build Christ’s kingdom through the lives of men, women, and families. Many people lose their way when bad things happen. Hope fades into the turmoil of the day and life seems to lose its purpose. But Jesus came to restore our lost identity, purpose, and destiny. There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than walking with people in this process, and seeing the birth of new vision in … [Read more...]

Introducing Dr. Michael Misja’s Pursuing Transformation

Michael Misja, PhD Depression and Purpose Introducing Dr. Michael Misja's Pursuing Transformation What is depression and what causes a person to stay in a depressive state? Dr. Misja answers all these questions while also giving advice on defining your life's purpose throughout the different stages of your life and how this can help you move away from your preoccupation with your depression to help you reengage in … [Read more...]

What is Christian Counseling?

North Coast Family Foundation is an out-patient mental health practice that has counselors and psychologists who provide psychological and counseling services to all who seek our services. However, many who desire to utilize and honor their faith choose our services due to our training and experience in the field of Christian counseling, a specialty recognized by many insurance companies. NCFF never imposes Christianity on its clients … [Read more...]